Phra Krisda Sumatho’s Autobiography


       Phra Krisada Sumatho was living at Ban Huai Muang, 57 Moo 3, Tambon Huaiyap, Banthi District, Lamphun province. Father named Mr. Uthai Eakkuntha and mother named Mrs. Tiranan Eakkuntha.

      During the pregnancy before the birth one day which felt on Thursday the 8th day of waxing moon in the early morning. Mother dreamed to has a very brilliant crystal ball ornament float towards to her. Mother had been received a glass ornament in the breast after that mother was started little stomach pain.  The day of birth which felt on Friday, 7 May 1976 at 23:00 pm.  Her baby boy was born with a bright yellow skin like Champa flowers. The birth was done by one of her relative named Pornoiyeen who is still alive today. At that time it was difficult to get a car to the hospital in the city. The way has far dozens of kilometre away from the city also. Furthermore, in the early of May the north of Thailand begin to rain. It was difficult to go to the hospital.

      The day of Phra Krisada was born, heavy rain and lightning thunder came. There was a wind blowing, and the village has no electricity used yet.  The kerosene or candles gave light in the night only.

      After a baby boy was given birth, Krisada named by his father according to auspicious mother’s dream. During the birth, it was heavy rain. But after the birth and he was taken a warm bath, the rain had stopped falling. It was amazing. A baby boy did not cry like other children.  That was surprising, the baby’s foot shows a lotus bud shaped and conch nested significantly. In particular, a conch and a lotus bud on the right foot have shown until today.

      After a boy has grown. He is gratitude, diligent and intelligent. He is learning faster throughout the talks, as well as engaging chatty humility for those exposed. Unfortunately, he is very difficult to aliment. In the area of ​​health, he got sick very often and every year. At the elementary school, Wat Huaiyap, he began with a patriotic religious. His grandfather persuaded him to healing sacrament during the Lent. First time when he went to the temple, during sat in the temple. He considered the principal. They are very elegant look and smiled to him. It takes a lot of faith joy. Every time he went to the temple, he would like to see the principals and would always ordained in Buddhism. When he was a child, he also studied the herbs from his grandfather. His grandfather is a local doctor who well respected from people in the village and nearby, about various diseases retreat.

       In summer after graduated from elementary school, at the age of 13 years old, a boy, Krisda has been ordained to be a novice at Wat Payang (Wat Sanphrajaodang), Tambon Huaiyap, Banthi District, Lamphun province on April 1, 1989 at 13:00 pm. by Phraku Sophonratsan who was a master of ordination. During ordination, he stayed at Wat Huaiyap and had a chance to study Bali from Sophonvitaya School. He studied in both General and Pariyat parallel for one year in the temple of Wat Huaiyap.  Anyhow, because of the difficulty of transportation, he decided to move to the temple of Wat Payang (Wat Sanphrajaodang) in 1990.  And along this year, he had met with Kruba Inta  Intapunyo at Wat Hauisai Tai, Tambon Huaiyap, Banthi District, Lamphun, in Thai New Year.  His faith was declared and valued. Kruba Inta Intapunyo was the senior monk and very high respect in the district, and he has heard a strong reputation in the eyes of the local people and his grandfather. He often visited Kruba Inta  Intapunyo and was familiar with him. He learned and studied from Kruba Inta many things specifically Samatha Prawana (a way of breathing), and the guidelines set out breath. He was also studying the character along with all the various psalm and vedic Lanna from Pornoi and Pornan who were his teachers in those days. If he did not understand anything or had found any obstructions, Kruba Inta will give him advises all along, so that why he had very close relationship with Kruba Inta Intapunyo.

       Education is continuously varied, sermons and lessons of Mhachati Vessantara allegory. He preached Kumarn and Matsi lessons very sweet and very famous when he was a novice. He also was invited to preach a mission over the North of Thailand. Until 20 years of age and was ready to be ordained as a Buddhist monk in Buddhism. Phraku Sophonratsan was a master of ordination for him again at the temple of Wat Payung (Sanphrajaodang), Tambon Huaiyap, Banthi District, Lamphun province, on 7 May 1996 at 15.38 pm. He named in the title of the monk “ Sumatho” by Phrakru Sophonratsan. “Sumatro” means a person who has a great knowledge.

       Not so long after his ordination. The current abbot at that time was leaving from the monk and he had to take responsibility everything in Wat Payung (Sanphrajaodang) since he was 20 years old, the first years of his ordination.            The age of 25 years, he was selected to be an official abbot of Wat Payung (Sanphrajaodang) and he is an abbot of Wat Payung until today. He has taught and preached throughout the Buddhists and been developed Wat Payung and temples nearby.  He is asked to preside over the construction of many temples. Each time he spent the funds for the construction of a multi-million Baht. Anyhow, he is not intimidated whatsoever. He emphasizes on the development of psychological and Buddhism knowledge to people without religion barriers and castes. In the other hands, the constructions and building are developed in parallel and he still keeps continue until today.  

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